Qatar Economic Forum

Positioning Qatar as a gateway to Africa.

The auditorium




Content and Storymaking

Speaker curation

Qatar was successfully positioned as a global force ahead of the '22 World Cup. Zain Verjee's role as Executive Producer, in partnership with Bloomberg, has made the Forum a power play for Qatar. theZVG co-curated the editorial agenda, flexed our rolodex muscles with marquee guests, and led the field content and creative production.

The Problem

The challenge was to create a world-class gathering for Qatar virtually and then in person post-pandemic. In addition to other prominent summits in the region, the timing to execute was limited, and positioning Qatar as a gateway to Africa was the central ask.

The Solution

An exclusive and intimate summit that was powerful in its scope, creativity, and diversity. theZVG and Bloomberg brought the voices of women, Africa, and other emerging markets to speak at this high-profile event, including many unknown but high-level players.

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